Myriam Lefkowitz (b. 1980) is a performance artist. Based in Paris she’s the founder and the director of the Débribes Cie. She’s mainly developping choreographical projects questionning the relation between the perceptive body and the space in which this body is located. Since 2010, her research is focused on the Walk, hands, eyes (a city)  project. A perceptive experience proposed to one person at a time, weaving a relation between walking, seeing and touching, in a city, lasting one hour.

She presented the piece in the 55th Venice Biennale (Lithuanien and Cyprus Pavillon, curated by Raimundas Malasauskas), for Kunsteverein NY (curated by Sarina Basta, 2013), for SPEAP (Master of experimentation in art and politics, curated by Bruno Latour and Valérie Pihet, 2013), in the LWS galery (Paris, 2013) for the French Cultural Institute, (Stuttgart, 2012), in the Festival de Danza de Buneos Aires (2010), Abundanz Festival (Karlstadt, Sweden 2010) In 2011, she took part in the master of experimentation in Art and Politics (SPEAP, Science Po Paris) founded by Bruno Latour, which main purpose is to shift the representation and definition of current public issues. Since then she’s been working on different urban projects aiming to relate the sensorial and perceptive concern to the cities global urban policy.

The last year, she was an associated artist in Mains d’Oeuvres and an artist in residency for the city of Epinay sur Seine (Parisian suburb) and was selected for a research residency by NRW Kultur Bureau (Essen, 2012).

She’ll be part of the SPEAP teaching staff for the coming year as she’s regularly invited for work shops and talks by the Museum of Modern Art Georges Pompidou (Paris) , the Mac Val Museum (Ivry), The Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Open School East (London), The Fine Art School (Milano, Cambrai, Angers).

She’s currently creating a type of a research lab, based on the Walk, hands, eyes (a city)  project collaborating with different artists and theorists. An enquiry on perception, through the perceptive experience, developping differents devices all aiming to invent new representations of the space we evolve in. In the coming year, she’ll be an artist in residency in the Laboratoire d’Aubervilliers and in the Royal Institute of Art (Artistic Research and Development, Stockholm).

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